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Are you still working?June 6th at 16:12pm

Yes, I guess so, I'm still working.

DariusMay 24th at 20:31pm

Still under testing. feel free to leave a message

HeyaMay 21st at 17:50pm


UltraWeakandTiredDeveloperMay 19th at 19:24pm

6th Test of the Final, probably.. should be working of the Chat System. Purple is a nice color.

Chat TestMay 19th at 19:22pm

Chat test 123

SuperUltraMegaDeveloperMay 19th at 18:52pm


ArimanApril 7th at 20:28pm

Never go full augmented...just for these things

DavianApril 7th at 19:56pm

Mmmh...the techpriesstess seems fairly vanilla, but that statement made me wonder how augmented she actually is.

RobertApril 7th at 19:56pm

I'm test 2, and I'm not afraid of saying it.

DoctorApril 7th at 19:55pm

I really like testing stuff.

MariusNovember 30th at 0:00am

Ah...nuthing like a classic virus encrypted transmission