Pixie Dust - Scene 20

October 24th at 23:09pm

-Scene 20-

The desert of reddish sands ululates with the cutting wind as the airspeeder approaches the “Red Reach” mining complex. Dry heat cracks the few rocks that emerge here and there from the sea of ​​iron oxide dunes into dust. Equipped with masks and rudimentary respirator filters, the group moves towards the outer fence of the main mining field, in whose exterior a gigantic silver dome that reflects sunlight is protruding from the sand.

A quick look inside the guard's checkpoint reveals that it is empty, and the energy deactivated. Little Anya kicks the gate and the lock yields under the pressure of the giant armored boots.
Penetrating inside the enclosure, the group is received by a silent procession of armored carts used for the extraction of iron ore along with other mining equipment. All of it is in a clear state of abandonment, corroded by the extreme desert climate.

The communicator crackles when Thanatos gives voice to everyone's thoughts:
-What happened here? Where are the miners? -

The group moves along the huge esplanade outside the complex towards the mouth of the well located inside the dome. The double-leaf door opens with a squeaky sound caused by the rusty sand in its joints that reminds the scream of agony of a groxx and a fresh atmosphere of recycled air welcomes the group, who quickly enter and closes the outer door again enclosing themselves inside the hemispherical building.

Designed by the mech-cult engineers, the mine consists of a gigantic entrance protected from the weather by a large dome of rockcrete and plastek and covered with chrome plated steel. Inside, which maintain a suitable artificial atmosphere, a series of administrative buildings and barracks for miners are built in rings. The center of the complex is an industrial elevator that could well hold up to four super heavy tanks at the same time.

Advancing a few meters, the group finds a holographic map of the place in a console next to the entrance. LIV connects herself to the terminal and types something for a few seconds, after which a rudimentary three-dimensional holomap is displayed on the surface.

-It's ... a fucking labyrinth!

There is not much to do now…
1-Investigate the Dome
2-Descend to the well

Darius Craine